IF - Toy

Here's my Illustration Friday entry for this week.
For a child, it only takes a few toys to spark a world of imagination.

pastel on paper

In the spirit of March being Art & Music in the Schools Month, I'm compiling a list of the people/organizations that work behind the scenes to make it happen. If you have a group in your area that brings art, music, drama lessons to the public schools, please comment on my blog. I'd love to see this list grow!



  1. Hey Cathy! Great post and wonderful illustration! So true! I love to watch kids playing with their toys and all the wonderful ways their imaginations transport them. Makes me feel like a kid again. I get the same feeling when I look at your work. Thanks. Oh and I love your New(?) header. (Been busy and then on vacation so I haven’t stopped by in a while.) God bless.

  2. This is very nice. I love your color scheme and arrangement. You have a wonderful quality to your storytelling.

  3. Such a lovely illustration. Gotta love imaginative play :)

  4. Oh I love your work, too! So fun and whimsical.
    In reference to your art in school month - My daughters art teacher invited the whole school to visit her at The Met in NYC. it was a great way to introduce the kids to the museuem, see some friends, their teacher and wonderful art.
    She did it all on her own...we made a nice day out of it! love your blog, too! xo

  5. I've been introduced to your blog and work via my Blogger friend Heather. I love your style. What a great idea - appreciating the artists who bring art to schools. My daughter lover her 6th grade art teacher and can't wait to continue on in 7th. That is music to my ears.

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments. Heather & Jennifer, you've inspired me to add a "Teachers that go Above and Beyond" section to my Art in the Schools blog, so if you give me their names, school, city, state & what they do that's exceptional, I'll add them to the list. Share the inspiration =D


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