Art in Our Schools - Hat's Off to the People Who Make it Happen!

I know I'm not the only one who has wonderful memories of art & music lessons in school. They always brought a bright spot to the week breaking up the routine. But, lessons in the arts do so much more than foster good feelings about school or just keep kids occupied. Studies have repeatedly shown how important art education is to improving a child's performance in all subjects.

I'd like to praise the people who are working tirelessly to bring art into the classroom even in these difficult economic times. The efforts of dedicated teachers, parents, artists, and community minded people are improving the education of children that might not have had the opportunity to be exposed to the arts, otherwise.

All the Arts for all the Kids Foundation of Fullerton, California is an excellent example. The Arts LAB, a transformed surplus school bus, brings a digital art studio to schools in Fullerton. They also fund the World Harmony Music Bus, filled with musical instruments from around the world. They're not only talented teachers, but this amazing group of people has channeled their creative energies towards raising funds through art auctions, concerts and events. One such fundraiser was the Giant Hearts auction. Each giant heart was custom painted by a local artist. They were then displayed throughout the city and sold at auction. All the Arts for all the Kids also uses innovative online resources to raise funds without costing supporters a penny. When you use sites such as GoodSearch.com, iGive, GoodShop.com to search the web or shop online a donation is given to the charity of your choice! (I've been web searching and shopping with iGive and it's really easy to use.) Also, MissionFish allows eBay sellers to donate a portion sales to a chosen charity. CLICK HERE for more details about how the people behind all the Arts for all the Kids finds creative ways to support art in our schools.

Below is a list of organizations who are dedicated to making the arts happen in the schools. I would love to see this list grow. Do you know of a group or individual who provides art, music, dance, or theater to public school children? If so, please comment and provide any information that you have and I'll add them to the list.
  • Name, city and state
  • Which arts - visual, music, dance or theater?
  • Link to website, or contact person
  • Lessons during school hours or an after school art program?
  • Lessons at no charge to the student or is there a fee?
Lets give these organizations and individuals the recognition & support they deserve! This list can also serve as a resource where people can be inspired, learn from each other, and find new ways to bring art to our schools.

People Who Make it Happen!

Programs in Public Schools During School Hours
no cost to students

Adventures in Art, Torrance, CA
A parent run art program for public school children.
Tip from George McMullen
All the Arts for all the Kids Foundation, Fullerton, CA
All volunteer program bringing art, music,
dance, and theater to public schools

Art for Progress, New York, NY
Nonprofit provides art workshops for underserved youth.
Allied Arts, Chattanooga, TN
Non-profit provides impressive grants to local schools.
Tustin Area Council of Fine Arts, Tustin, CA
Supports the Art Masters Program for Tustin Schools.
Tip from Marsha Lindsey

After School Programs
no cost to students

The Wooden Floor, Santa Ana, CA
Providing hope and opportunity for at risk youth
through dance, academic, and family programs.

Other Art Programs for School Children
free or low cost

Annual Children's Festival with free or low cost activities for children.
Anaheim Artmobile, Anaheim, CA
Bus travels to city parks and kids learn about famous artist, try different art techniques. FREE. A bus full of art in the park must be magical to a kid! Tip from Dawn Olsgaard

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