IF - Messenger

Have a Happy, Joyful, Merry Christmas!
And Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends!
digital and pastel on paper
7.5 x 7.5


IF - Sink

The Illustration Friday topic for this week is Sink.

Don't you wish kids were always this happy about helping out around the house?
From Wash the Dishes by Geneus English, LLC
This illustration started out as a  pencil sketch. I scanned it, cleaned up the sketch and painted the color in photoshop.


IF - Separate

This week the subject for Illustration Friday is Separate

Pastel on PastelMat   12 x 9.5
 I've been having fun with this stout little girl and her tall timid friend. I had been working many long hours digitally painting illustrations and I was ready to revisit my beloved pastels, pencil and paper when I started this piece.

I was happy with the original drawing layout, but I wanted the giraffe to have more character, so he got a redo.
I traced my original drawing onto PastelMat using a light box (which doubles as my sliding glass door). I like PastelMat for illustration, because it takes a lot of layers of pastel like sanded papers, but it is much smoother, so it's easier to do a small illlustration with details.  

Next, I blocked in the main color with PanPastels using the large oval sponge applicator at first, then the small wands. The Pan Pastels cover a large area and blend easily. You can see their painterly effect in the clouds. Last, I finished off the details with colored pencil, though I have to admit that I'm feeling the urge to go back and define some edges a little more, since some of the detail was lost when it was photographed. 

I'm having so much fun with these two characters, that I'm sure they'll pop up in another illustration soon!


Remember Your Local Merchants this Season and in the New Year

Can they say it 
any plainer than this?

This is a hand written sign posted in front of my favorite local toy store, Kazoodles, in Vancouver, Washington.
They give so much back to the community, like many small brick and mortar businesses. Activities for children, support for local charities, friendly smiles and personal help for everyone who walks in. Why, they even have %10 off for all grandparents on Tuesdays. Participants are required to pull out their brag books (cellphone photos will do) for all to admire!

Wouldn't we really miss our favorite small businesses if they were gone?

The 3/50 project is all about reminding us what a difference it makes for us to patronize these brick and mortar businesses, even if it's only $50 a month.

So, please remember to SHOP LOCAL during the holidays and throghout 2012!

IF - Brigade

This is my vision for the Illustration Friday subject this week - a brigade of peace makers, starting with one...

6.5 x 6.5
pastel on paper

This is another illustration that I used the process of scanning the original sketch. I then edited it in Photoshop, changing the pencil lines to black and blue. I also filled in the darkest areas with blue to avoid white paper showing through (below). I printed the photoshopped image on Canson paper and finished it with soft pastels and pastel pencils (above).

Finally, I scanned the completed illustration, printed it and tore the paper right to the edges of the image. Here's the finished product as a Christmas greeting card.