Drawing Day 2009 "I'm the Chef!"

Drawing Day I'm the Chef!

This sketch was inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity of the children during my classroom visits for the book, "We Eat Food That's Fresh!"

More about "We Eat Food That's Fresh!" by Angela Russ-Ayon, illustrated by Cathy June (c)2009 Our Rainbow Press.


Classroom Visits

I had such a great time sharing my new book, "We Eat Food That's Fresh", written by Angela Russ-Ayon, with two classrooms yesterday!

After reading the story and listening to the fun bouncy sing along song we had fun making art projects.

In Mrs. McMath's 1st grade class each student decorated their paper "I'm the Chef" hat and cut it out. With a little help and a little tape they were fit to size and ready to wear.

We all worked together to decorate an eight foot banner with our favorite fruits and vegetables using soft pastels, my favorite art medium ;)

Here's a picture of the colorful banner made by Mrs. McMath's talented 1st graders:

In Mrs Rios' kindergarden class we also worked together to make a mouth watering banner with loads of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, I left in a rush and forgot to take a picture.

Summer picnics must be on the students minds, because watermelons were definately a favorite in both classrooms!

Thank you Mrs. McMath & Mrs. Rios for sharing your students with me!

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"We Eat Food That's Fresh"

Thank you CHEMERS GALLERY for supplying paper for the banners!