IF - Wise

This WISE chef encourages children to taste
new fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pastel on Paper
by Cathy June

This is from the new book I illustrated, "We Eat Food That's Fresh", which will be released in early 2009. It's written by Angela Russ-Ayon, published by Our Rainbow Press.



IF - Vacant

This is my entry for Illustration Friday - VACANT

copyright cathy june 2008

There may be a vacant spot where her front tooth used to be,
but her mouth will soon be filled with fresh, juicy fruit.

This is the original cover illustration that I did for "We Eat Food That's Fresh" by Angela Russ-Ayon. Of course, it's been changed some to suit the needs for the cover. Click the image if you'd like to know more about the book, soon to be released by "Our Rainbow Press". Thank you for visiting my site!