IF - Brigade

This is my vision for the Illustration Friday subject this week - a brigade of peace makers, starting with one...

6.5 x 6.5
pastel on paper

This is another illustration that I used the process of scanning the original sketch. I then edited it in Photoshop, changing the pencil lines to black and blue. I also filled in the darkest areas with blue to avoid white paper showing through (below). I printed the photoshopped image on Canson paper and finished it with soft pastels and pastel pencils (above).

Finally, I scanned the completed illustration, printed it and tore the paper right to the edges of the image. Here's the finished product as a Christmas greeting card.


  1. Lovely! I really like the face and hair, so nicely done! Great style and bright colors. Very nice progression pictures, too.

  2. thanks for ur comment :) I read most of ur blog nd love it! ur drawings are amazing!! keep it up Cathy! :)

  3. Fun to see your process. I like the expression on her face! Great colors, too.

  4. Wow, very beautiful! I really love it :) and it's nice to see your process. I always like to see how other people make their work!

  5. Sweet :) The world would be a better place if everyone spread some peace around!

  6. so sweet! And I really liked getting to see the process!


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