IF - Resolve

Let's resolve to take more time to
smell the flowers in 2009.

pastel on paper
8 x 10

Some "smell the flowers" moments from 2008 for me are:
  • Reading a story to a child.
  • Sighting a pair of Blue Birds in our back yard for the first time in 25 years of living here.
  • Soaking up the sights & sounds & smells of the California Coastal Redwoods, taking a million pictures as if I could capture some of it's grandeur in my little Canon.
  • Receiving a long distance "Happy Birthday song" on my voice mail from a grandchild. That was August - I still can't delete it :)
  • A summer evening walk by the beach with my one and only.
  • Spending the afternoon at the Discovery Science Center with the grandchildren and watching them explore with wonder and excitement. Spending the evening collapsed on the couch!
  • Waking up early one December morn to find a fresh cut Christmas tree adorned with lights that my husband had set up during the night to surprise me.
  • Playing Secret Santa and "Kris Kringling" a friend with a six year old.
  • Serving (at least) 20 cups of hot cocoa to my 2 year old granddaughter made in her Elmo kitchen. She drank every last make believe drop, then we made some more for Elmo.
  • A big pot of soup on a cold rainy day.

I'd love to hear about your "smell the flowers"
moments in 2008
Your comments are always welcome!


  1. Lovely illo!
    The cat and the girl are very cute. I love your soft colors.

  2. What great expressions! The cat is really delicious! Lovely colours too!
    Happy 2009, Cathty!

  3. Beautiful illo and messages!! it's very inspiring. i must start smelling the flowers too! ;p

  4. I love enjoying a hot black coffe on my sofa, looking at the window in the morning, while my husband sleeps... It reminds me when I was living at my mom's place where I used to do that looking at her garden and dreaming about the future.

    It's a wonderful illo and take on the subject.

    pati @-;--

  5. I love your work! I'm surprised I hadn't been here before. I will be adding you to my reader so I can be bak here more often

  6. Ohh, they are both so squeezable.

    I enjoyed reading about your 'smellable' moments....grandkids apparently do make a world of difference in how the world smells. LOL I know my mom enjoys so many of the times with my little one. :)

  7. Beautifully done and said!

  8. Beautiful work Cathy, I am very impressed and especially enjoyed perusing your portfolio.

    Love the pose and face of this little girl, reminds me of my own daughter.

  9. Cheers to stopping to smell the flowers! Great interpretation of 'resolve'!

  10. What a sweet pastel and a lovely sentiment for "resolve".

  11. Wonderful illustration and a treasury of sweet memories!

  12. Wonderful illustration-- love your color choices.

  13. that's the cutest thing ever!


Your comments are welcome and appreciated!