1st Copy "We Eat Food that's Fresh!"

Here it is.. it finally arrived! I can't tell you how excited I am.

My first copy of "We Eat Food That's Fresh". The book will be released for purchase soon and I'll be sure to keep you posted when it's available!

You can pre-order it on Amazon.com

LEFT: "We Eat Food That's Fresh!"
and happy illustrator (me)

It's all about a whimsical chef who encourages children to try new foods. He stirs up their interest in fruits and vegetables in the garden, kitchen and while on an outing to the beach.

It comes with a musical CD that will delight children with easy rhymes and repetitive verses. I'm sure this fun and persuasive chef will have them tasting new fruits & veggies in no time!

Mmmm... yummy! Makes me want to eat something fresh right now!

Here is a podcast with a clip of the song and a peek inside the book. Please be patient... it may take a moment to load.

We Eat Food That's Fresh

Author: Angela Russ-Ayon
Illustrator: Cathy June
Our Rainbow Press
ages 4-8
Hardback ISBN: 978-1-934214-06-0
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-934214-09-1

Soon to be released"
Pre-order "We Eat Food That's Fresh!" on Amazon.com

also encourage good manners with this soon to be released book:
Pre-oder "We Love the Company" on Amazon.com


IF - Impossibility

It's not an impossibility to go back in time when you have good memories. When I was five, my grandfather built a playhouse, dutch door and all, which provided a place for endless hours of make-believe for me, my sisters, and friends.

The Playhouse
8 1/2 x 11

Idea... wash doll clothes. Bucket, water, bubbly soap.. good.
Bubbly soapy water & dirt... ooh mud!
Shovel, dishes... mud pies. Great!
Need sign. Paper, crayons, tape... sign. Now we're in business.
Hmm. What to do next?

Kitty, kitty, kitty!


Ugly Duckling Deviled Eggs

It's true, they're ugly. Then, why has our family made them year after year for several generations? Why are they piled so high? and why do we love them so much?

Because they're so amazingly delicious!

What's the secret? A big chunk of cream cheese (4 oz for a dozen eggs) mixed with the cooked egg yolks. Then a little mustard, salt, and plenty of mayo. The paprika is a weak effort to improve their appearance.

But in the end, it doesn't matter how these deviled eggs look. They'll be snatched up in a blink, anyway. You could make them pretty, and they'll still taste great... but why bother?

Happy Easter!
Have a nice Passover!


Picture Bookies Showcase

Good news for illustrators of children's books! Picture Bookies Showcase is now accepting submissions of illustrations to post on their blog. This is a great way for illustrators to get some web exposure and there is no cost. See Sherry Rogers' blog for all the details and get those illos out there!

The blog is sponsered by a small group of children's book illustrators:


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